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Transform your team in 60 days
Advanced Step-By-Step Program to Build the Engaged, Accountable and High-Performing Team You Need for Your Stunning Career Success
The fastest and most reliable way to transform any team
For achievers and leaders ready to raise their game
Transform your team into a high-performing team in just a few weeks. This is the program that will do just that.
Faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

"Great things in business are   never done by one person.

  They're done by teams"

-Steve Jobs
Average teams suck
Frustrating isn’t it when team members could do so much more but aren’t pulling their weight, shirking accountability or underperforming.
You’re left to handle the consequences; take the blame from your boss for missed deadlines, handle the irate customer calls, stay late office.  And you're left sidelined, ignored and overlooked as a result.   
It's your career that suffers
But it also sucks to be in an average team too. 
It doesn't have to be this way
As an achiever you’ve probably already tried many techniques to improve your team. You’ve scoured the internet blogs, listened attentively to your boss, implemented the standard HR practices and read many interesting books.
And you’ve had some successes. But nowhere near what you know you could have. You see examples of leaders who achieve amazing things through their inspirational teams.  And that's where you want to be.
But how do you get there?
Achievers like us don’t give up
You know you can’t settle for mediocrity, which is what most people do. They struggled, just like you are. Trying to figure out how to create exceptional teams. But the difference between us and them is that they gave up. They never ‘cracked it’.
They never figured out what works and what doesn’t. And now they’ve settled; downgrading their dreams and ambitions because they don’t have the simple insights and tools.
We cannot let this happen to us
My lucky break
I struggled with teams too. My first team was not an A-Team and they certainly didn’t have an A-manager. But we were stuck with each other.   

I did the standard management stuff - SMART goals, feedback, delegation, etc. And guess what? I got the standard average results. That frustrated the hell out of me because I knew that I could do better.  I had faith in myself and believed I could figure this out.

But the more advice I sought, the more books I read and the more failed initiatives we implemented the more confused I became. The advice was completely contradictory - lots of tactics but no strategy.

And then I had my aha moment.

I realized that I had to ignore 99% of management practice and focus the team on just 2 things.  So that's what I did.  

Within a few weeks things were noticeably different. There was a buzz in the air.  Pretty soon my boss and peers noticed too.  And then we hit the jackpot.  

My team discovered a way to save $76 million per year and a week later they had implemented the idea!  This from the same group of people that were just scraping by a few months earlier.   I had my own high-performing team and my management career and my team members' careers took off.
Keith when he got his first management role
Me when I got my first management role (and son)
I copied the same formula over and over again growing all sorts of teams and accelerating careers in the process. Pretty soon I had over 200 people in my team spread across multiple countries and continents. We were managing over $8billion of spend, delivering hundreds of projects each year.
$8 billion
The amount of spend my team managed each year
I started sharing my formula with friends and colleagues. They too experienced the same results. And that’s when I realised that I had discovered something really important that I needed to share.
The number of projects completed in under 3 years
Transform your team right now in 4 steps
I created my “SuperCharge Your Team” program for you so that you can create your own high-performance team too. This comprehensive training course is incredibly practical. It’s designed for time-scarce leaders like you who need improvements fast and reliably.

1   Follow the step-by-step guide

2   Watch the videos

3   Download the tools

4   Implement with your team

What others are saying
"I was having issues with my team in particular letting deliverables slide. I had tried meeting with my team once a week but these meetings weren't very effective, so I needed a different approach. I implement the Keith's weekly operations meeting and using his transformation framework. Since implementing, my team has significantly improved, and I'm finding it easier to hold team members accountable for deliverables."
Fernanda Brasileiro - Demand Manager, HAVI
"I was really impressed and it way surpassed my expectation.  I'm using the tools and seeing the results."
John McKenna - Account Manager, TNT Express 
"High quality content that I was able to action immediately."
Susan O'Reilly - Manager, Hewlett Packard
“Keith delivers the program in a very relaxed, informal, human way but this was coupled with great professionalism and style.”
Ciara Latimer - Program Manager, HSE
Here are just a few of the breakthrough team transformation secrets you’ll learn…
Four team sabotaging mistakes you’re probably making right now without knowing it… and why these slip-ups can keep your team stuck in a rut no matter how hard you try to get out
How to create an amazing team using the people and talents you’ve got and without become a manipulating jerk
Make instant progress using 'the secret to making team changes stick'. Don’t waste any more of your precious time implementing poor tactics.  Instead implement effective strategies (you’ll learn the strategies that actually work too)
Revealed: The scientific discovery that debunked two centuries of management thinking – but most managers are not aware of (and how you’re going to use this to outperform your peers)
The 2 surprising things that I focus my teams on and which have skyrocketed my salary and career... and I'll show you step-by-step exactly how to implement these too
The surprising truth about transformations (that even CEOs misunderstand) and 3 team transformation steps you’ll use to guarantee your success… brilliant for your promote-ability too
How to apply this team “supercharger” strategy even if you’re strapped for time and struggle with trying to balance your family, work and life... (discover how to do this in less than 1 hour per week)
Why people who say “meetings are a waste of time” are plain wrong and handicapping their careers… (You’ll learn the 3 meeting types every high-performing team must have and how to make them incredibly effective)
How to turn your team into a problem solving machine that runs on auto-pilot… giving you the dependable platform to confidently seek more high-visibility work without losing sleep at night… and supercharge your career in the process
How to consistently use your team to make the impossible, possible… making work and life more interesting and rewarding for both you and your team (and is rocket-fuel for your career)
Why your personality type does not matter (despite what you’ve been told)… Team transformation is about process… learn the exact steps you need to take… whether you’re an introvert, an extravert, logical or a dreamer
Why most team management advice is flat-out wrong (which I learned the hard way so you now don’t have to)… and how using conventional management tactics in today’s new environment will actually hurt your progress 
The proven step-by-step team transformation formula that accelerated my career by creating exceptionally high-performing teams that managed over $8 billion of spend and implemented over 1,000 projects
Plus, I’ll give you the tool that separates the successful achiever from the wanna-be
What to do if a difficult team member won’t change. Learn the exact script to use that works every time and builds trust and goodwill…
The obvious (once you’re aware of it) difference between average teams and high performing teams but is rarely appreciated… you’ll be amazed at how rapidly your team’s performance will accelerate once you focus on this
How the 'SuperCharge Your Team' program works
On-line self-study course
Available 24/7 on any internet connected device. So you can access the information exactly when you need it; at your desk, on your phone or on your tablet
Video delivery format
25 bite-sized, engaging instructional videos where I show you exactly what to do and what to pay attention to. You can re-watch the videos you need over and over again.
Step-by-step workbook
Follow the simple instructions in your workbook to keep on track and monitor your team’s progress
Really useful tools
Download the support tools and infographics to help you easily implement your transformation.
Rapid implementation
You’ll get instant access to the course and in less than an hour’s time you’ll have learned all you need to actually start your transformation and implement your first key changes.
Support from me
This program works. It’s worked for all different types of teams and it will work for you. But just in case you run into difficulties you’ll have a direct-to-me email address to ask questions and resolve any issues.
What you could do instead
Attend an executive business school course, learn some really interesting case-studies that unfortunately have little relevance to your practical daily work-life.
Endure at least 9 of your company's best HR skills courses, read the 40+ books to learn the critical stuff that wasn't covered and then magically piece everything together.
Take 10 years to hopefully figure this out on your own,  but miss a promotion as a result
Or you could invest in the 'SuperCharge Your Team' transformation program for just
or 3 monthly payments of $367
Click the Button to seize back control of your career and grab this exclusive 'SuperCharge Your Team' transformation program
Plus, invest today and you'll get these two amazing bonuses FREE
worth $497
A FREE 30 minute consultation call at week 5 of your transformation with me.  We'll review your progress together and make sure that you are achieving your desired results.  And if you're quite happy with your transformation progress (which you should be) you can use the call to pick my brains on any other issue that I may be able to help with.
worth $99
My 'Grab Back Control of Your Life' audio course.  This 4 part program helps put life and work back in perspective.  If you feel that your work and life are out of balance and that you need to do something about it before it causes permanent damage, or if you're trying to inject more meaning to your life but struggling to see how to make this happen or if you know that you are capable of so much more but feel trapped in your current situation - then this is the course for you.
Your 'Team Transformation' Guarantee
If you don’t absolutely LOVE the program or if you don’t think that this is the most practical, most comprehensive and most impactful course on team transformation EVER, or if this program just doesn’t work on your team. Whatever the reason, simply email me within 30 days and I’ll refund your payment.
Absolutely no quibbles!
And as a thank-you for giving the program a go and a reward for taking action to improve your career, you can even keep the ‘Grab Back Control of Your Life’ audio program.
You have nothing to lose.  And potentially an amazing life-changing skill to gain.
But you need to act now
For two reasons:
This is the skill you know you must master to drive your career forward and enjoy the respect, rewards and life you deserve.  Let's not delay that any longer.
As you can appreciate, I only have a limited number of 30 minute consulting slots available and once they're gone, they're gone.  (if you're reading this then there are still slots available) 
Click the button to grab this exclusive 'SuperCharge Your Team' transformation program for just $997 (or 3 payments of $367/month)
Up your game, transform your team and accelerate your career. Don't let this rare life-changing opportunity pass by.
Do I get instant access to all the material?
Yes.  As soon as you check-out you'll have access to the full course, workbook and tools.  

Will this work for on my team (I’m very skeptical)?
I don't know you're exact team and situation.  What I can say is that students have had great success with this program in a wide variety teams... corporate, start-up, retail, manufacturing, IT, voluntary sector, professional, project, cross-functional, student and the list is growing each day.

In the unlikely event that it does not work then you can avail of the 30 day 'Team Transformation' guarantee.  So if you're skeptical you've nothing to lose by putting it to the test and potentially a lot to gain.

How is the consultation call arranged?
At the beginning of week 5 you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar.  You'll be able to choose an available slot that most suits you.  You will need to complete a few questions and send to me in advance so that I can prepare for the call and make sure it is extremely productive for you.

Why is the course so inexpensive?
Yes, this is the same course that I charge companies between $12,000 and $18,000 to deliver in person.  But because I can deliver most of this course  on-line through video it allows me to reduce the price, allowing me serve more people.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, on the check-out screen you will see an option to make 3 monthly payments of $367/month

How much time will the program take?
You should allow about an hour a week to watch the videos and fill in your workbook.  Most of the transformation process occurs through tweaks to your normal working week tasks so is not additional work.  Many students find that the program actually saves them time immediately.

Why should I trust you?
Great question.  There's a lot of advice, especially on the internet, dished out by people who have never actually done what they're advising on.

You can see that I'm very different.  I've actually 'been there and done that.'  Check out my LinkedIn profile and you'll see my career path and achievements.   

You can also check out my FREE blog articles and videos where you'll see my level of experience and that I genuinely want to help achievers and leaders accelerate their careers.

But my team is absolutely past all hope.  Isn't it quicker to fire and re-hire a new team with the right attitude?
This is a myth peddled by a number of HR consultants and many senior managers.  The evidence is that the fire and re-hire approach rarely works.  And it's very stressful for everyone involved.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and give this transformation program a go first.  If your team really is that poor then you'll be even more astounded at their improved level of performance in just a few weeks time.

Could my company pay for this?
About 50% of students have their companies pay for this course so it may be an option for you.

If you're having the discussion with your boss, the 2 points that appear to work most are:  
1)  The economic argument - If you're managing a team of 6 and they are paid $50,000 each, then raising your team's performance by 10% is worth $30,000 to your company.  That's a whopping x30 times return on a $997 investment.  And most successful team transformations achieve multiples higher still.
2)  The emotional argument - As a leader your boss owes it to your team to create the environment where everyone can thrive and do their very best work.
"Build your own business team,
  survival in business requires a synergy of skills"

  - Richard Branson
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